Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Will First Mate Plane?

A couple of days ago I responded to a question from Al Burke about whether Phoenix III and First Mate will plane. In my reply I confirmed that Phoenix III will definitely get up and plane, but I had to say that I didn't have direct experience with First Mate.

Since then I have received an email from Wayne Jorgensen (an experienced and knowledgeable amateur builder). Wayne has more experience with First Mate than anybody I know, having been part of the two-man team which built the first boat to be launched. Here is part of his text: -

was reading your blog and comments on First Mate. I can assure you that she can plane with 3 scouts in her.
I guess they would weigh as much as a very large adult.

What I am very impressed about is that she can sail in very light breezes through to much stronger winds.

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