Friday, December 30, 2011

Periwinkle Video

Periwinkle was designed and built by me for her owner, John Shrapnel. She is a long, lean boat with very fine sections up for'ard to help her get through a head sea relatively easily, and without making her crew too wet. Towards the end of the video you can see how the fine entry allows the water to peel off the side of the boat rather than flying into the air to be blown over the occupants. The plank laps associated with the glued-lapstrake (clinker) construction also help tremendously in knocking the water down.

Although she is 17ft long, Periwinkle is actually a smaller boat than she looks, and she needs to be trimmed properly to get the best from her - she doesn't like weight in the bow, but all boats are compromises, and in this case the advantages described in the first paragraph make up for the attention needed regarding trim. In the video, John Shrapnel has her longitudinal trim perfect, sitting on the wide and comfortable seat just forward of the expansive aft deck and buoyancy compartment.

Large aft compartment and buoyancy/storage compartment

Room for sleeping, and note how the aft deck hatch is on the centreline, so even if the lid is open, water will not flood in during a capsise
The following video was shot on the east coast of Australia, at Caloundra, Queensland.

You can see more information about Periwinkle on my website here and here and here


  1. Ross, great shots of the Periwinkle and a wonderful video. Your blog has been most helpful in gathering real world information on your designs. Periwinkle has been on my short list of designs being considered for a south Florida beach cruiser. This brings me to a point of concern raised by these photos...

    How tall are you? I am 6'4" tall, 38" waist and 52" chest, at 250 pounds. My desire to occasionally sleep aboard may preclude Periwinkle. Assuming you do not match my "displacement", which of your other designs might allow me sleep aboard acomodations in a beach cruiser?

  2. Ross, I don't know much about boats, but "Periwinkle" to me, is my dream boat. I enjoy your blog as it is very helpful for people like myself who struggle with the ins and outs of amatuer boat building.

  3. Great site and video of "Peiwinkle!" From the standpoint of a seasoned amateur filmographer I woould include more angles in the future videos (move the filming boat all around "Periwinkle"). Also I would not cut off the upper portions of the masts and sails. Close-up of bow and the absence of wake would greatly highlight the clip. These are just technical aspects of filming. After all, it is a promotional video... Nevertheless, it is great as it is!

  4. Ross, finally managed to get onto the blogs side of your website!!...This is a beautiful boat, and the video you have of the vessel is great! you have any footage or know of any other builders that have gone with a single mast / gaff rig configuration?..The one image you have sent me of this setup still works a my screensaver....but just curious as to any other images.....thanks!