Monday, December 19, 2011

Whimbrel Questions

Mike has written a comment asking a question about Whimbrel:-

Ross - quick question on whimbrel. Is she to be a pram/scow bow craft? If not, could the plans be fairly easily amended for a pram bow option? A pram bow, coupled with the leeboards would sure make a roomy little craft for the overall length

Yes, Mike, Whimbrel is a pram, and was designed that way deliberately for the following reasons _
  • Greater internal volume and stability for a given length. Alternatively, you could say that for a given volume you get a much shorter and more easily stowed boat. If she was faired up as a sharp-bowed boat of the same volume and stability, Whimbrel would need to be about 21 feet long;
  • Better hull shape to take leeboards - the use of leeboards has many advantages, such as a completely uncluttered interior, and freedom from the worry of having a centreboard jambed in its case by sand, shellgrit and stones - a constant worry when beach-cruising;
  • Greater reserve buoyancy up forward. This is important when running off in a big sea, and is helpful considering the large sail area and forward mounting of the main sail and mast;
  • In flat water at least, better speed potential due to the chine shape allowed by the pram configuration. See previous post
Whimbrel viewed from the starboard bow
Unfinished working drawing showing inboard profile of Whimbrel. Don't be alarmed that one of the figures has his feet through the bottom of the boat - it is the only suitable figure I had to check head room!
Whimbrel sail plan, also showing the mast (dashed lines) in the lowered position, which is made possible by the use of a tabernacle. A tent can be rigged over (or hanging from) the lowered mast, so as to cover the cockpit and to provide shade to the cabin top.


    1. Ross- I'm following Whimbrel developments with keen interest. I have long considered Jim Michalak's Frolic2 based on Gary B's Everglades Challenge success with the design. I live 30 minutes from the start of the EC and hope to enter in the near future.

      My only concern thus far is the length of the cockpit and cabin floor. Your drawings show the opportunity for one to stretch out in each spot, but I am 6' 4" tall. Can you share approximate lengths of those spaces?

    2. Ross, I can see why you were taken with the concept. It sounds as if much thought has been given the design. I appreciate the amount of interior room designed in.

      Is there to be a slot top or more enclosed cabin? If designed to be totally roofed over, could the cabin be modified to add a pass through slot? It is very hot in Florida much of the year and the slot top cabin seems to offer greater forward access.