Saturday, April 18, 2015

View from my office

I've had a few exhausting days of work lately, and a lot of it hasn't been fun - just hard, messy, dusty and physically demanding labour.

But tonight after a shower, a drink, and something to eat I glanced at this sight from the verandah outside my office. Gentle rain falling in the darkness - sort of makes it all worthwhile...

She is 15 years old, and has encountered many hurdles in her life. She has been back to my workshop plenty of times, but she still looks great to my eyes - especially in the quiet of an evening after hard work.

Some of Phil Bolger's designs are an acquired taste, but none of his work should ever be underestimated - particularly those designs up to around the mid to late eighties. Trust me when I tell you that Micro is a masterpiece of design. It is such a pity that so many people fail to understand the subtleties. As Phil Bolger said about the designs of L. Francis Herreshoff, and William Atkin said about his own work -  do not ever alter anything - build exactly to the plans - that way you keep the treasure.


  1. Ross,

    Bob Wise (AS39 "Loose Moose 2", Jessie Cooper "Loose Moose 1") has put up two scans on his VolksCruiser blog of cartoons of a, new to me, Proposed Cruiser that PCB sent him. He says the proposal was for the bloke who commissioned the Micro design (perhaps Elrow LaRowe??).

    BTW, on 20/8/2013 Bob linked to a Balanced Lug blog post of yours.


    PS. A while ago on Bob's "Boat Bits" blog he also showed a couple of other lo res scans of material PCB had sent him. A more developed "Economy Sea Going Cruiser" (30-ODD Boats, Eeek!), developed to construction plans... with balanced lug!

    Good to read you're gonna be able to be posting more often.

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