Thursday, April 19, 2012

Update on Low-powered planing hull "Fleet"

Since my last posting about Fleet, the planing version of my row/sail boat, Flint the owner/builder has been burning the midnight oil to get her finished. Here are a few photos to show progress, with a performance report to come in about three days time. The painting is proceeding rapidly, being done in an aircraft component spray booth!

Hull sanded, chines rounded-over, and 200gsm/6oz glass cloth being draped
Glass/epoxy sheathing. Given the work that was done on the bottom panel (see previous post) the cloth has been doubled in the forward sections of the bottom of the hull.
Glassing completed, and hull surface sanded. 12mm/1/2" gunwales have been added.
Spaced inwales being dry-fitted
The spaced inwales are of quite generous section on this particular boat, as the owner/builder will be using her in surf and unprotected waters on the Australian east coast for serious fishing. There are a number of other ways the topsides could be terminated, including side decks or simple laminated gunwales on the external surface only.
Being moved from the building location to the paint booth. The first opportunity to see her from a distance.
View of the interior showing some of the generous emergency buoyancy compartments. The large rectangular hatchs are non-standard, and are being used by this owner (who is a very experienced oceanic fisherman) for fishing equipment
First view of her profile
Coaming/breakwater and toe-rails added
In the paint shop - will be completed in about another 24 hours.
As I mention previously, I believe that there is a genuine need for small powerboats which have been optimised for operation under the urge of very small outboards. I nervously await the performance report from the first outing, which will be within the next three days. This example with be pushed by a 5hp Mercury, and has been built a little heavier than initially planned due to the rugged duties expected of her. A very light version, built in a manner similar to Flint, should go well with 2-1/2 to 4hp.

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  1. That's shaping up to be a terrific looking little boat, Ross. Here's wishing grand success in her trials.