Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Fleet" launched

Fleet has had her launching day, and so far the performance report has been very satisfactory. Launching was said to have been as hectic as such occasions usually end up being, and the owner/builder thinks that at least thirty people had a go in the boat.

The engine used was a brand-new-out-of-the-box Suzuki 6hp four-stroke, and it was able to get the boat onto what felt like a plane with three heavy adults aboard. As there was no GPS available, accurate speeds were not recorded. As hoped, the ride was very smooth in a chop and through boat wakes, but there was no opportunity to get out into the ocean waves outside. What I find very satisfying is that the boat trimmed nicely when throttled back somewhat and remained dry throughout the tested speed range.

Tight turns at speed were stable and predictable.

Due to the business of the day, organised photography was not carried out, but here are a few snap shots. We plan to carry out more serious testing with 2.5hp, 4hp, 6hp, 9.8hp and oars.

A good view of the general proportions
Trim at rest with two adult men aboard
Running with the weight of two adults, under the urge of a new (and therefore tight) 6hp four-stroke Suzuki


  1. very nice.
    just had my first sail in flint.
    love to be able to car top.
    would be interested in fleet if could do the same.
    is there to be an open version?
    also interested to find out if she plane with a 4 h.p.
    thanks, paul

  2. I would love to see a youtube video posted. She sure does look good. What a great boat ! Let's get some GPS numbers as well. This is really one of my favorites.

    Tom the rower