Friday, March 15, 2019

First Mate Sailing on the Wind

Here is a twenty second clip showing First Mate sailing to windward on an enjoyably fresh day. This should give some indication of a number of things - the benefit of a sharp entry when it comes to spray suppression, the effectiveness of a well cut balance lugsail (in this case 76 sq.ft.), and how pleasant it is to sit low in the boat with one's weight concentrated in the weather bilge.

Note that the skipper is sitting forward against the main thwart, so that his weight is in-line longitudinally with the centre-of-buoyancy, ensuring that the boat trims correctly.

Video courtesy of Ian Hamilton - First Mate skipper David Lillistone


  1. Where can I see details of your down haul arrangement? Great looking boat and rig.

    1. Thanks for the comment. You can see details of the rig at

  2. Ross, I have been distracted by duties other than boating (work) for the past little while. Thoroughly enjoyed the mothership article, and what an excellent clip of First Mate. Those are the sorts of conditions where I would get a drenching with my current boat (as we have discussed). Whilst I do like the idea of Little Egret, and all that she offers - I wonder what 1st mate would be like stretched 10%? I have read lots of posts on the discussion page of stretching Phoenix iii this way and wonder if it is possible with First Mate?

    Respectfully yours, Graham

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