Friday, February 14, 2014

New Video of Phoenix III

This video was shot last Tuesday by Paul Hernes, using a camera mount above the transom of his Phoenix III. The conditions were quite light, and Paul was doing a good job of harassing Rich Sutton in his Welsford Navigator until a channel marker got in the way.

 Paul was using a Joel White Poohduck Skiff rig on his boat. As far as I'm aware, Paul has three separate rigs for Phoenix III, and uses them interchangeably, as was the idea when I drew the multiple rig arrangement for the design.

Here is a photo of Paul's experimental Poohduck Skiff rig. The sail area is small, but Paul is a light-weight and he seems to like the rig.

The original Poohduck Skiff built by Rick Sutton...

...and the same rig set on Paul's Phoenix III
Phoenix III is a versatile boat, and being relatively small, experimenting with rigs costs very little.

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