Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunset in North Queensland, Australia

Here is a photo from a recent trip to the Town of 1770, in Queensland, Australia. The boat is my 42 year-old cruising dinghy, designed and built by my father. Construction is plywood batten-seam, 15' 2-1/2" x 5' 11". Originally rigged as a Bermudan Sloop, her current rig (one of many) is a free-standing balance lugsail of 115 sq.ft.

I've maintained and modified her over the years, but a lot of the most recent work has been carried out by my second son, David. Photo taken by the oldest of my sons, Geoffrey.


  1. Nice boat, nice sunset, nice pic... I happened to go for a little row and saw the same beautiful sunset, just about 12 hours later:

    It is a beautiful world.

  2. It is unique experience of boating in Queens Australia sea at sun set.It is one of the important place of tourist.