Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Interesting Work from the Workshop circa 2004

Around 2004 we were building at least six boats at one time in the old workshop - with only three-and-a-half people on the job. It was a hectic time, and looking back on it, we did some creative stuff. At one point a customer decided that his outboard-powered boat (a Phil Bolger Hope which we were building with a lapstrake hull and a small cuddy cabin) would be better as a diesel in-board, even though she was nearly finished in the outboard configuration.. I quickly designed an inovative skeg arrangement, and we carried out substantial structural modifications to accept the Yanmar 1GM10 deisel.

The nature of the retro-fitted keel/skeg was such that I thought it needed extra support against side loads and so I made a pattern for a cast bronze propeller shaft strut which had an inverted "V" on the upper side of the bearing. Not an original thought, but my first attempt at pattern making, which had been made necessary by the extreme urgency of the situation. The foundryman was a marine specialist (Marine Castings and Manufacturing - still in business) and was (to my surprise) happy with the pattern. Not only did he cast the prop strut, but he cast and machined the propeller, and the water-injected dripless-seal. Everything worked!

Propeller and strut, loose fitted without the proper pads etc - but still looking good

12" x 10" propeller from memory.
Custom-made dripless-seal
Boat on launching night - secret launching before the official one to come the next day!

Me, looking very relieved after the owner had gone home from the secret launching. Now I could get back to business on the details (and have a quiet beer, I think)

Launching Day (Official) for the in-board boat

The outboard boat awaiting the owner's arrival for the final inspection.

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