Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog on Website

Well, with the help of Mark Bowdidge from Bowdidge Marine Designs I have got a blog up and linked to my website. Mark and I have been having many discussions about boat design and given Mark's speciality in powerboat design and mine in sail boat plans, we have been able to expand each other's horizons. Take some time to have a look at Mark's site - I think you will be impressed.

Work goes on with the clean-up from the recent devastating floods here in eastern Australia. We still haven't seen an insurance assessor, but in the meantime the work goes on. We have been overwhelmed by the kindness of people within the local and wider community. It seems that natural (and un-natural) disasters bring out the best in a large proportion of the population. We are grateful beyond expression for the support we have been offerred. Special thanks goes once again to Duckworks Magazine , Craig and Cath from C & C Shipwrights at Redland City Marina at Beveridge Road Thornlands, Queensland Australia, Graham and Judy Marsh, and to Dr Paul Truscott. It goes without saying that our children have been extremely supportive.

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